Thank You from the Fleming Family
January 3, 2018

Staff of Hamilton Animal Hospital,

Thank you to each and every one of you at Hamilton. Your care and assistance during these last few months of Kasmira's life meant more than you can know. Whether you work at the reception desk, do the labs, do the administrative work, or directly handle the animals, thank you!

Thank you, also, for honoring Kasmira by making a contribution to the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in her name. It was very fitting tribute. Your warm and caring card was amazing, I value all the individuals notes you took the time to write.

Again, I want to express my appreciation for the care and love you gave Kasmira over the years. We are all fortunate to have Hamilton for very important members of our family. You are truly an exceptional veterinary hospital team.


With much gratitude,

Kathy Fleming



Ellen & Norm
January 14, 2015

To Everyone at Hamilton,

Thank you for your thoughtful sympathy note and donation to honor Dorsey.
Thank you, too, for the wonderful care and concern you gave to him - we know you added much time to his life.
He was a special little fellow - very stoic with an especially sweet soul. He handled himself with such grace - we can learn from our pets.
He is missed very much. We feel grateful to have had the chance to rescue him.
Thank you for caring to make a difference for all our animals.

Ellen & Norm

Mel & Harry
January 14, 2015

Sincere Heartfelt Thanks...

To you, Dr. Block, and everyone at Hamilton Animal Hospital.

I can't begin to put into words how much I - and Harry - appreciate all you did for us during a most difficult time.

I am in awe of your compassion and caring.
Thank you so very much.
I will absolutely recommend HAH to everyone I know...

Thank you,
Mel & Harry

January 14, 2015

Dear Dr. Block...

Thank you so much for the phone call on Saturday, August 7. You really are incredible, and I so appreciate all you did - and are doing - for Harry and me.

I miss the Little Guy horribly. But I know he's at peace. I'm gettin' there...

The experience WE shared on August 6 was nothing short of life-altering. I don't say that lightly or frivolously.

The vet techs who came to the house - and especially the one who came in the examination room - were terrific. The other DMV with whom I had spoken on the phone and who came in the examination room to express her sympathy was so genuine, as were the receptionists in expressing theirs. Everyone's heartfelt compassion was palpable. Please thank them all for me.

Dr. Karen Wiley Sandler, who accompanied Harry and me, is indeed my colleague and friend. She's also the Chancellor of Penn State Abington College. How many people have their boss ask on accompanying them to such deeply personal, guy-wrenching experience?

It may be a while, but we'll see each other again...when another canine and I agree to share our lives. I insist you be our veterinary caregiver.

Until Then...


January 14, 2015

Best friend we could of ever had. He was the most loyal and loving son in the world we miss him to this day and always will.